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A good mental space empowers you to be yourself.

Psychotherapy is a process that empowers you to reflect and replenish your mental health.

Allow our psychologists to help you understand why you do the things you do. Identify how your behavioural patterns are limiting you and learn to overcome them.

The process is not easy but the healing is worth it.

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About Us

A psychology practice intended to provide therapy and assessments in multi-faceted modalities. 

We are registered psychologists with various specialties aiming to provide support, care, and treatment  at different stages of your life. We provide individual, couple, children, and family therapies. 

Our team is diverse and we try find a perfect fit for you and your circumstances to ensure a therapeutic relationship that can work you or your family.


Session fees are R1050 for individuals and R1250 for couples, payable after the session.  Medical aid is accepted and  the sessions are charged at that medical aid rate.

Meet Our Team

Our psychologists are based in Sandton and registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) and the Board of Health Care Funders (BHF).

Lwanele Khasu Clinical Psychologist

Clinical Psychologist

Nthopele T. Mabandla

Counselling Psychologist

Clinical psychologist hope Magubane

Clinical Psychologist

clinical psychologist Lorenca

Clinical Psychologist

We offer online therapy for your convenience

You are welcome to scdeule online sessions with our psychologists.

Therapy offered in various languages







“We are all a little broken but broken crayons still colour”

– Trent Shelton

Therapy is a process that allows you to replenish, to recuperate, to understand yourself, to understand your reactions and then to act. Processes are not easy but they are necessary.  

Take this journey with us so we can start your process of colouring even with your broken parts.